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Does your best friend have bad breath?  “Dog breath” can be more than just a nuisance!  Dental care is an essential component of any preventative health care plan for our patients.  If left untreated, dental disease can become painful and contribute to other systemic diseases of the liver, heart, kidneys and more.  Our goal at Hill-Dale Vet is to provide comprehensive, individualized oral care and assessment to every patient while maintaining safety and pain control.

Here at Hill-Dale, we treat our dentals as much more than just a cleaning.  In addition to scale and polish, we perform full-mouth x-rays which allow us to detect any potential disease that can be hidden below the gum line.  Without x-rays, problem-causing teeth may go unnoticed and cause serious health problems in the future.  Because each pet's mouth is different, and dental disease can be variable, we recommend you bring your animal in for a dental exam if he hasn't been in recently in order to give you an accurate estimate.  We use general anesthesia, which is the safest way we can perform a dental procedure.  To reduce as many risks as possible with anesthesia, we run bloodwork and perform a full physical examination before any medication is given.  After a full oral exam and x-rays are performed, if any teeth are found to be painful or diseased, we use local blocks to numb the tissue to make the surgical extraction as comfortable as possible for your pet.  Our estimates include all that is mentioned above.  Call us today if you are interested in making an appointment so one of our doctors can examine your pet's mouth and give you a rough estimate for a dental surgery.

  • Digital Dental Radiographs: The majority of the tooth (about 60%) remains hidden below the gum line.  Radiographs (x-rays) are essential for accurate evaluation of the entire tooth and jaw in order to provide the best care and treatment.  We take full-mouth x-rays on every dog and cat who undergoes a dental surgery.

  • Dental Homecare/Oral Health Products: We carry a variety of products to keep those pearly whites healthy at home, including OraVet.  Stop by today to see our selection!