Hill-Dale Veterinary Care

536 Berkley Boulevard
Baraboo, WI 53913




Ensuring your pet’s health and safety during a surgical procedure is our primary goal.  Hill-Dale Veterinary Care uses multiple resources and experienced staff to monitor patients during all procedures. 

Prior to your pet’s surgery, pre-surgical bloodwork is run to check internal organ function.  A thorough history and physical exam, along with bloodwork results, allows us to create an individualized anesthetic protocol for our patients.


Under anesthesia, patients are cared for closely by a well-trained and experienced technician using our state-of-the-art multiparameter monitoring unit that tracks blood pressure, ECG/pulse oximetry, heart rate, temperature and respiratory rate.  Your pet will have heat support and an IV catheter to provide easy access for medications and intravenous fluids during the surgery (optional, but highly recommended, for routine spay/neuter surgeries).


We are strong proponents of good pain control for all patients based on individual needs.  We may prescribe a course of anti-inflammatories, or a pain patch for more involved surgeries, to ensure your pet stays comfortable during recovery.