Denise joined our team in 2005 as a Veterinary Technician. She is a proud mother of four children who have blessed her with five grandchildren. Her cat, Larry, has his own Facebook page and a dedicated following of his daily activities. He loves to go for walks around the yard, play fetch, and show guests who enter the house where his food dish is. Her dog, Blue, is the newest addition to her family, loves the grandchildren and also loves to play fetch, even it means all by herself. In her free time Denise enjoys gardening, spending time at the beach, and going for long country drives with her husband of 27 years, Donnie.

Denise’s love of animals and the human animal bond is what drew her to veterinary medicine. She enjoys caring for her patients, educating clients on the best care for their pets, and comforting nervous patients. “We take the time to truly educate our clients, give them options, and help them make an informed decision about their pet’s care. We practice high quality medicine and we take pride in it.”