Cathy joined our team in 2014 as a Certified Veterinary Technician after graduating from Madison College. Cathy’s hard work and dedication to our team earned her the role of Lead Technician. Cathy loves working out, reading, traveling, crafts, and long walks through the country. She lives with her husband and is the happiest dog mom to her three dogs. Lucy, “Lil Lou”, loves to play fetch in the water. Nash, “Nasty Nash”, is not a morning dog and will stay in bed for hours. Sarah, “Senorita Sarah”, excels at keeping the property free of wildlife. Cathy aspired to have the most pets in our practice so she recently acquired two kittens. Guiness, a trouble maker with a zest for life and Jameson, a flirt, watch out he will steal your girl.

Cathy found herself in veterinary medicine after starting nursing classes and finding out she preferred working on pets, not people. There are no two days that are the same in veterinary medicine, and that is what Cathy enjoys most. At the end of the day she feels good about making a difference in animal’s lives. Cathy’s ideal day would be filled with dental procedures and wound treatment. “Our team strives to provide the best medicine for our patients and a lasting bond with our clients”.