"Robbie" AKA Robert Burns Seals, selected Mara and Marc as his adopted parents when he booped Marc on the nose at four weeks. He came home at seven weeks, and he has been busy ever since. In addition to his hobbies of being a world champion snuggler and fetcher, he enjoys his career as the Hill-Dale Veterinary Care Goodwill [...]

Seamus O’Davis

Seamus O’Davis joined our team in 2016 as a pitiful farm kitten who needed a little TLC. We initially planned to find him a home but soon found Seamus had many characteristics like our late Sammy Davis Jr. That is how he earned his name and his permanent place in our clinic. Seamus fills many [...]


Meet Aiden O’Kelly! He is our newest clinic kitty fresh out of a local Irish clan. He spends most of his time lovingly staring at Seamus as he aspires to be just like him when he grows up. He loves a good lap and is especially good at warming your heart and lap at the [...]

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