"Robbie" AKA Robert Burns Seals, selected Mara and Marc as his adopted parents when he booped Marc on the nose at four weeks. He came home at seven weeks, and he has been busy ever since. In addition to his hobbies of being a world champion snuggler and fetcher, he enjoys his career as the Hill-Dale Veterinary Care Goodwill [...]


Moose (AKA Lord Moose Malloy Seals) was brought into the Seals household when Mara and Marc decided that they needed a small auxiliary Sheltie to provide Robbie with a brother. Moose is thrilled with this arrangement, though Robbie seems less sure what to think. Moose is well named, as he is a sweet, clumsy oaf-- [...]

Seamus O’Davis

Meet Seamus O’Davis! He came to us needing a little TLC after the potato famine left his family penniless. We initially planned to provide him temporary shelter until a client fell head over heels for his boyish charms. It wasn’t long before we realized Seamus had many characteristics like our late Sammy Davis. That is [...]

Aiden O’Kelly

Introducing. . . Aiden O’Kelly! Our clinic middle kitty was introduced to us through the Alley Cat Alliance Protection Program after sharing his family's secret recipe for shepherd's pie. In the beginning he was less than pleased with his relocation, but has learned to enjoy his life of luxury. He is most often observed lovingly [...]

Sean O’Connery

They say that cats are like potato chips, you can’t have just one! With that said, we would like to introduce the newest member of our feline faction. Sean O’Connery was found by a good samaritan on the side of a deserted country road. His leg was fractured after what we can only assume was [...]

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